After some very serious considerations, I have sadly decided to convert this journal to Friends Only. If you're already on my friends list, this is a non-issue. If you are not on my friends list and wish to continue reading my posts / archives, then please comment here and I will add you. I'm not sure yet if I'm being elitist or paranoid, *winks*, either way, these thoughts are no longer available to the general public. Thank you.

-- Cruel

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You posted pictures in either a community I'm in, or one I've requested to be added to.. I'm afraid I can't remember which at the moment. At any rate, I really liked the pictures and have used a couple of them in a compilation of photos of beautiful women, that I am using as my computer's desktop wallpaper.. And I was wondering, if with your approval, and the approval of the other ladies in the compilation, if I might be permitted to post the image to my journal. I can put the image somewhere online where you can view it first, if you wish.

My thanks for your time..


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I'm very flattered then, and would love to see the compilation just out of curiosity. Please, feel free to do what you will with it with my utmost blessings.

-- D

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Thank you very much! :)

Here's a link to the picture (


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