After some very serious considerations, I have sadly decided to convert this journal to Friends Only. If you're already on my friends list, this is a non-issue. If you are not on my friends list and wish to continue reading my posts / archives, then please comment here and I will add you. I'm not sure yet if I'm being elitist or paranoid, *winks*, either way, these thoughts are no longer available to the general public. Thank you.

-- Cruel

From: [identity profile]

Please add me. :) I'm an Establishment fangirl and recently also started a live journal.
Miss Molly

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*g* Welcome, Miss Molly. Added you back. I recognize you from Journalfen, more than happy to have you here too.

Haven't been posting much here, and lately what I do post mostly has a political bent. Am hoping to correct that soon with a bit of hot writing. :D Keep a look out for it!


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