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Name:Queen Madam, May I?
Birthdate:Dec 1
Location:Louisiana, United States of America


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cruel_illusion[personal profile] cruel_illusion
User Number: 595150
Date Created:2002-06-15
Number of Posts: 569

Generally snarky disposition regularly chases away easily frightened people. Often falls to bitching and ranting about seemingly insipid subjects. Can be quite the pussycat who showers those she is fond of with her friendship. Has a keen appetite for cigarettes and slash and breeds insidious plot bunnies in the basement of her dark imagination.
Strengths:A fierce opinion. Obsessive focus. Extremely loyal and affectionate when she is fond of a friend. Possesses a raging and perverted imagination that can be put to varying uses. Has a collection of college credits and a bag of kink that will put anyone else's to shame.
Weaknesses:Prone to apathy and bitchiness. Generally given a bent towards morbid thoughts. Addicted to pornography and slash. Easily led into wasting time. Misanthropic tendencies. Sometimes given to whiny philosophical moments. Easily distracted by pretty boys kissing.
Special Skills:Ability to function on two hours of sleep per day and consume insane amounts of caffeine, nicotine, and pornography at one time with no penalties. Can interpret scientific terminology in the blink of an eye. Has a general corrupting influence on her friends. Lifestyle domina with a mile-wide sadistic streak. Multitasker extraordinaire.
Weapons:Wields a fiercely sharp tongue and the dreaded sarcasm-o-doom at a +4 modifier. +2 to any roll involving intimidation or innuendo thanks to a wicked phone-sex voice. A perverse imagination and complete delight in using it to tormenting pretty little masochists.
Motto:~Chance favors the prepared mind.~-Louis Pasteur

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"Sincerity is not enough."

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I have learnt silence from the talkative, toleration from the intolerant, and kindness from the unkind; yet strange, I am ungrateful to these teachers.
-- Kahlil Gibran


I'm a dominant pansexual polyamorous sadomasochistic single mother of one (quite a mouthful, *smirk*). My blessed terror is nine and her name is Adara; I've spoiled her something terrible (that's okay for me to say, but watch your tongue because impugning my mothering or an unfavorable comment about my daughter is the fastest was to raise my ire and I'm known for not forgiving this trespass).

After Hurricane Katrina, I relocated to Chicago by way of New Orleans and the Gulf Coast, and now we're back home. I've no way to say just how full of glee that makes me.

I transferred from USM on the Coast to SXU in Chicago, where I received a Bachelors of Science in Biology. I plan on eventually pursuing a Masters--perhaps in Zoology with an emphasis on evolutionary aspects that relate to ecological dispersal, although I'm also considering Conservation Biology with an interest in reproduction and cryogenic storage. My dream job is working for the Audubon Institute for Research of Endangered Species. For now, however, I am teaching biology in a high needs school in New Orleans. It is the hardest job I've ever had, and the most rewarding.

I am a complete science nerd. Previously I was an Art major (studio and history) and I probably have more college credits than anyone has a right to. Art is still a very big love of mine. I indulge in sketching (charcoal is my preferred medium) and painting (oils, thanks) when I have the extra time (which is rare). I like illustration, too, and am such a manga fanatic that it's something of an obsession.

Don't know if what I put here can truly elucidate you about myself, but, whatever. I adore roleplaying, playstation games and just generally lousing around on the computer. I'm into esoteric nonsense like art, literature, philosophy, bdsm, music, and science of course - if you're into it, maybe we can discuss it. There isn't much on which I don't have an opinion--and I tend to give those out freely. Oh, and yes, I am a complete porn/slash addict. Don't approve? It's not like I asked you anyway. I'm a movie buff and a complete fangirl. I write terrible porn and even worse poetry -- fear it. I delight in forcing those I know to read my smut (most frequently m/m slash of a fannish nature). I enjoy arguing liberal politics (my friends will attest to my fascination with the Bush administration's prejudice and neo-fascism, don't let me get started). I hate ignorance, particularly when people have so much opportunity to inform themselves. I'm cynical but I believe in love. I believe dominance, submission, sadism and masochism are healthy expressions of a person's personality, and when approached with maturity and respect they can bring unsurpassed pleasure and gestalt to a relationship. I hold a peculiar ethos of universal essence, but have no real religious standing. I adore studying theology (right up there with politics) but I'm a devout agnostic, borderline atheist, complete pagan, contemplating Buddhism. I have three tattoos and eleven piercings (nine of which are in my ears). I adore body art. I tend to abuse parentheses.

I'm tired of typing this, and I still have hundreds of obsessions and compulsions I haven't even touched on. So, ask me something, and I'll answer (expect brutal honesty). If you are not open-minded move along now, thank you very much. I have neither the time nor temperament to tolerate bigots or idiots. If we share interests, come on, I'd love to hear from you. Friend me and I generally friend back. I don't bite (at least not at first). Just heed the above warning and we'll get along keen.


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Bisexuality is Real.

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My sexuality is love. Love, like humans, comes in all forms, both of which were created by God.
We are simply all sexual.


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